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Tera Calibration Services  
In addition to selling our Digital / Mechanical weighing scales PT. REKA GEMPITA MANDIRI accepts service of all brands and capacities and is ready to serve Tera Calibration of all scales - Weigh Bridge.

For heavy scales and large quantities we are ready to do service in place and or to more profitable, we PT. REKA GEMPITA MANDIRI provides service contracts to suit your needs supported by experienced technicians in their fields and use quality spare parts and warranty. We will also ensure the use of your digital scales is more durable.

Some of the benefits to the Service contract are:
* Your scales will be better maintained
* Accuracy of the scales will certainly awake
* More cost-effective and provide discount Spare-Part
* Be our top priority.

Type and type of scales.

- Mechanical scales: Dial Spring Scale - Hanging Scale - Bascule Scale - TBI.

- Laboratory Scales: Analitical Balance - Ballance Scale - Precision Scale.

- Industrial / Production Scales: Bench Scale Platform - Counting Scale - Simple Weighing

- Storage balance / Warehouse: Hybrid Scale-Floor Scale-Crane Scale-Pallet Scale.

- Bridge Scales / Truck: Single Loadedcell-Full Loaded - Pit Type-Pitless Type.

- Scales Machine: Conveyor Belt Scale-Check Weingher-Filling Scale.

- System Scales: Batching Scale-Bagging Scale-Hopper Tank Scale.

- Accessory Scales: Spare Part - Indicator- Loadedcell - Software - Printer - Instrument.

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